IOLO Customer Service Number

Founded in the year 1998 by Phoenix Technologies, IOLO Technologies keeps your computer clutter free and helps in increasing its speed. IOLO has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. It has spread over to 33 countries and can communicate to its customers in almost 11 languages. Nearly 50 million people have relied upon its services.

The basic four functions of IOLO is that it keeps your drive clean and error-free, tunes your PC automatically, boots PC and Internet speed and protects your system from virus and malware.

Why should you support IOLO Technologies!

IOLO provides various services to its users such as:

  • Cleaning up PC clutter.
  • Remove uninstalled programs.
  • Defragments data files for faster file access.
  • It flushes the entire memory and reloads only those apps which are needed.
  • It finds and fixes security flaws.
  • Can permanently delete the selected files to free memory.
  • It automatically cleans your Personal Computer.
  • It optimizes the sped and availability of RAM, CPU and other storage devices.

IOLO has come up with many products such as:

A System Mechanic Professional can tune your computer automatically to keep your PC safe, fast and error free.

A System Mechanic provides the essential optimization toolset to clean hard drive clutter. It fixed freezes and errors and restored maximum speed and power.

Browse the web anonymously. You can protect your privacy with IOLO Privacy Guard.

Malware Killer detects and kills malware which another antivirus might miss.

ByePass secures your password from hackers. With ByePass you do not need to write your password again and again.

The System Mechanic Business revives the speed of all the PC’s you have in your office. It will help you to reduce power cost and increase productivity.

System Shield blocks PC pests and further infections without any system slowdown.

You can recover your lost data with the help of Search and Recover which helps you to get all your accidentally deleted music, email, document, video and other things back.

The DriveScrubber secures all your personal information when you sell or donate your computer. It erases your hard drive data.

Issues you might encounter

Though IOLO is one of the most trusted brands, it is not free from troubles and issues. You might face a problem while installing or reinstalling any of its software. Or it might happen than any of the software is not working properly. Or despite clearing all the clutters your PC is still slow.

Support services at Your Disposal

If you have any problem with any IOLO software you can contact IOLO Support Number. Our team of IOLO Customer Service is always there to help you out of your troubles. We understand your problem and are always there to help you. Our team will fix the issue for you so that you can use your computer freely without slowdown, freezing or any such issue.

Contact us for best services

If you are facing any problem with IOLO, do not waste your time seeking advice from others. You can directly contact our IOLO Customer Service by calling us at +1-844-334-5470. We assure you reliable services at low cost and lesser time.