IOLO PC Tune-up Support

IOLO technologies develop patented technology and software that repairs and protects computers. It allows users to enjoy full computing potential by keeping devices which run fast and are reliable. Iolo has its reach to nearly 33 countries allowing its users to communicate in 11 different languages. Millions of people have relied upon IOLO for their PC optimization and security. Founded in the year, 1998 Iolo has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Iolo is wholly owned by Phoenix Technologies Ltd.

Some services which are provided by IOLO are:

  • Clean up PC clutter.
  • Remove uninstalled programs.
  • Defragments data files for faster file access.
  • It flushes the entire memory and reloads only those apps which are needed.
  • It finds and fixes security flaws.
  • Can permanently delete the selected files to free memory.
  • It automatically cleans your Personal Computer.
  • It optimizes the sped and availability of RAM, CPU and other storage devices.

Products offered by IOLO

IOLO has brought the System Mechanic Professional to protect and tune your computer automatically.

Made for old computers, the IOLO System Mechanic Classic provides tune-up and data security to your computer to keep your PC safe and error-free.

Browse the web anonymously with the help of Privacy Guard.

Search and Recover recover all accidentally deleted videos, songs, emails, etc.

With System Shield AntiVirus and AntiSpyware kill pests which other AntiVirus might not notice and keep your PC free from infections.

Reasons behind the slowdown of your computer

The top reasons behind the slowing down of a PC are mainly due to 4 things: Fragmented memory being one, Fragmented hard drives, Cluttered startup and Slow internet setting.

Cleaning up unnecessary startups can remove these bottlenecks. To clean up go through the basic steps which have been mentioned here:

You can optimize your Window startup. For this you have to go to Toolbox, then to  Individual Tools, then to Increase Performance, and finally to Optimise Windows startup.

To configure Windows startup you can go to Toolbox, then to Individual Tools, then Manage System Configuration, and finally Configure Windows Startup.

To automatically remove those items which are not required, to access go to Active Care, next go to Automated Tasks, and finally to Automatically Optimize Startup Configuration.

Tune-Up your PC with complete cleanup

A total cleanup of your PC can be done in four steps; Cleanup – Repair – Accelerate – Secure.

The cleanup removes temporary Windows file and internet cache files. Unused internet files would also be deleted, and the Recycle Bin would be emptied.

Repair means the repair of broken shortcuts and invalid uninstallers.

Acceleration defragments hard drives and system memory. It also optimizes the internet setting

The last step consists of the fixing of security flaws.

Reach out to us for support

IOLO Customer Service experts are always there to help you with your IOLO PC Tune-Up. If you are facing any problem with your PC tuneup, you can contact us at our toll-free number +1-844-334-5470 at any time of the day. Our professionals will reply to your call instantly and can find the best solution instantly at the lowest price. We promise to fix it without wasting much of your time.