IOLO Tech Support Number

Founded in the year, 1998 IOLO has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. It is wholly owned by Phoenix Technologies Ltd. IOLO Technologies can keep your computer clutter free and protect it with the help of its self-developed software. It allows its users to enjoy full computing potential by keeping devices which run fast and are reliable. Till now 50 million users have relied upon its services. IOLO has its reach to nearly 33 countries allowing its users to communicate in 11 different languages. Millions of people have relied upon IOLO for their PC optimization and security.

Products if IOLO which you can download

There are products supplied by IOLO to boost ur your computer:

  • A System Mechanic Professional protects and tunes your computer. It has a file size of 37.7 megabytes.
  • System Professional Classic is for older computers and has a file size of 96.27 megabytes.
  • With Privacy Guard keep your web searches private and browse the web anonymously. The file size is of 44.3 megabytes.
  • Increase the speed and performance of all the Personal Computers in your office with System Mechanic Business which has a file size of 28.7 megabytes. It also helps you to eliminate wasteful activities.
  • System Shield Antivirus and Spyware protects your computer by blocking future infections without any slow down. It has a file size of 55.5 megabytes.
  • Recover your lost data with Search and Recover. Get back all your accidentally deleted document, videos, emails, music, etc.
  • Secure your information when you sell or donate your computer with DriveScrubber.

Issues you might face while using IOLO Technologies

Despite IOLO being one of the most well-known computer service providers, it is not free from problems. While browsing you might encounter certain tiny problems which can be fixed easily. You might face troubles while downloading or installing any of its products such as; the System Mechanism or the Privacy Guardian. There might be a problem when any of IOLO’s software is not working properly. You might face a problem with the reinstallation of any software. Sometimes it might happen that despite clearing up all the clutter, the machine is working slowly.

What can we do for you!

IOLO Customer Service provide the best services for your electronic devices. A problem with any of IOLO software can affect you in a  very bad way. We understand your problems and are always there to help you to get out of all the troubles you are facing. We provide IOLO Tech Support to you. Our team deal with those issues on your behalf. We provide the best quality support at a low price. If you are facing any such issue call us and we will fix it directly.

Reach out for best help: Call +1-844-334-5470

For IOLO Tech Support contact our professionals instantly instead of seeking advice from here and there. You can reach us by email or call or by our live chat support. Our toll-free iolo Support Number is +1-844-334-5470. We are always there to provide the best solution for you quickly, at a low price. We are waiting for your call.